Mens Ratings

Tee Slope Rating
Blue 131 71.9
White 125 70.5
Red 112 65.9

Ladies Ratings

Tee Slope Rating
White 133 75.9
Red 113 71.5

Front 9


Par 4
Handicap 8

A short, dogleg par 4 protected by trees on the right and a canal on the left. The smart play is your 200-yard club to the turn with a medium iron approach. Risk takers can cut the corner, but anything hit right is trouble.


Blue 361 yds
White 353 yds
Red 313 yds


Par 4
Handicap 14

The easiest par 4 on the course. Grip and rip a driver and you will have a short iron approach to a very receptive green. The only danger on this hole is OB on the far left.


Blue 360 yds
White 352 yds
Red 299 yds


Par 4
Handicap 2

The longest hole on the course. Two good shots get you to a medium to short iron into an elevated green. Missing right on this hole is best, as Georgina’s field gobbles up anything that passes her way on the left.

Blue 568 yds
White 558 yds
Red 467 yds


Par 4
Handicap 10

Another straightaway par 4 with OB all along the left. A deceptive bunker lies in wait at the 150 yard markers in the middle of the fairway, so try to avoid it. Anything from a medium to short iron approach can yield a good score on this one.

Blue 362 yds
White 355 yds
Red 312 yds


Par 4
Handicap 12

Risk/reward short par 4. Longer hitters may try to drive the green, but several deep and strategically placed pot bunkers loom dangerously. A medium iron lay-up off the tee leaves a short iron approach to a deceptively tricky green. Birdie to bogey are possibilities.


Blue 303 yds
White 293 yds
Red 205 yds


Par 3
Handicap 18

The first par 3. Surrounded by water and sand on three sides, it has the look of an island green. Depending on the wind, this hole can go from a medium iron to a wedge. Playing to the middle of the green is safest, but beware, the green slopes sharply from back to front.


Blue 165 yds
White 135 yds
Red 109 yds


Par 5
Handicap 4

This 533 yard par 5 is a definite risk/reward hole. Keep your driver in the bag as the two ponds and their connection is in reach. Reachable in two for the longer hitters if the first shot is strategically placed along the right side of the fairway. Beware of the right side on the approach shot as water and hills consume any balls lost to the right.


Blue 544 yds
White 533 yds
Red 429 yds


Par 3
Handicap 16

A great par 3. Water and reeds guard the front of this sloped green. Missing far right leads to tree trouble. Club choice is again crucial to avoid a big number.


Blue 201 yds
White 154 yds
Red 134 yds


Par 4
Handicap 6

Aim your tee shot at the clubhouse. Too far right and you will be in big tree trouble; too far left and you will face a big bunker with a high lip. A 220-yard drive leaves you a medium iron approach to a pear-shaped green. Beware of a back pin, as the landing area is tiny.


Blue 381 yds
White 371 yds
Red 341 yds

Back 9


Par 4
Handicap 7

This starting hole on the back nine is where ball placement begins to become a necessity. Laying up to the right side of the fairway will leave you with the safest approach shot to the green. Longer hitters can test their luck by attempting to pass the three trees directly in line with the green, but beware of a back left pin or the unlucky outcome of a blocked view of the green. Out of bounds runs the length of the right side for the entire hole.


Blue 408 yds
White 373 yds
Red 314 yds


Par 4
Handicap 3

An easterly wind makes this the most difficult par 4. Trees left and OB right can intimidate some. A good drive can leave you a long iron or more into a two-tiered, heavily sloped green. Par here is a great score, take it and run.


Blue 408 yds
White 373 yds
Red 314 yds


Par 4
Handicap 9

A short dogleg par 4 with all the trouble right. The smart play is a shot to the corner and a medium iron approach. Beware, the green is the most severely sloped on the course. Being below the hole is crucial to guarantee an easier putt.


Blue 364 yds
White 356 yds
Red 295 yds


Par 4
Handicap 11

Tricky par 4. The smart play is to play left of the left big spruce trees, but this leaves a very long approach shot to a creek-guarded green. If you take a chance and play to the center or the right, the trees and a long waste bunker on the right can come into play. Choose wisely.


Blue 358 yds
White 348 yds
Red 273 yds


Par 4
Handicap 13

This short par 4 can be played in several ways. The safest route is to hit a 130-yard shot to the corner leaving a 150 yard approach to a bunker guarded green. The alternative is to hit a long iron or wood, cutting the trees at a direct line to the hole. Successful attempts will leave you a short wedge into the green, but unsuccessful attempts will have you hitting 3 from the tee box and contemplating your shot choice. Out of bounds long off the tee shot on the right side complicate the choice.


Blue 284 yds
White 276 yds
Red 266 yds


Par 3
Handicap 17

Shortest par 3 on the course. Firing a short iron out of a chute of trees seems easy, but a deep bunker protects short left, trees await balls right and short, and going long means coming back up a big slope to a green that slopes away from you. Enjoy!


Blue 149 yds
White 127 yds
Red 114 yds


Par 5
Handicap 1

A definite shot-makers hole, the safest route is to play the ball to the corner, followed by a lay-up. Club choice must be made wisely on approach shot as elevation comes briefly into affect. The home stretch of the course is where strokes can be made or lost. In desperation, a driver can be hit off the tee to cut the trees. Picking the right line and following it up with a well struck drive will leave you with a long to mid iron into the green.


Blue 490 yds
White 481 yds
Red 466 yds


Par 3
Handicap 15

Arguably the hardest par 3 on the course, club selection is key because distances are often deceiving. Hitting the ball long brings water and trees into play. Hitting the ball off target will most likely leave you a difficult bunker shot with not much green to work with. A back right pin placement can make for an extremely difficult tee shot, the best play is to aim for the middle of this uphill green.


Blue 168 yds
White 158 yds
Red 115 yds


Par 5
Handicap 5

A great finishing hole. The tee shot is very demanding with trees right and water hazard left. A definite test of a golfer’s composure. A well-struck drive can result in an eagle or birdie chance, but a poorly struck drive will bring high numbers into play. This is an excellent hole to bring excitement to any close match.


Blue 493 yds
White 473 yds
Red 406 yds

1505 – 2nd Street
Wainwright, AB
T9W 1L5


Located along Highway 14 in Wainwright, Alberta, this public 18-hole, 6,400 yard golf course awaits your challenge. The original nine has narrow, lush fairways lined with extensive deciduous trees, which reward straight shots and penalizes errant ones. The front nine is a blend of links style and wooded holes lined with rough that penalizes shots that miss the fairway.